“Atja” in the eyes of Ahmad Amiruddin


Makassar | The first months of the beginning of 1973, when I began to lead UNHAS, life on campus was quite confusing.

Not only was the internal problem of chaotic student organizations, but the national political development at that time sparked many student actions.

Arrival of P.M. Japan Tanaka, was welcomed by the Jakarta demonstration, which ended with Anarkhi.

This was followed by the issuance of Decree No. 28 of Minister Syarief Thayeb and culminated in future actions, Normalization of Campus Life (NKK).

Since starting to occupy the house of residence on Jalan Kartini, student figures come and go, both to advance objections to some of the policies that I have taken, to advance suggestions, as well as to find out various developments in the country.

One of them is “Atja”. I no longer remember the position of “Atja” in the structure of the UNHAS student organization at that time.
What still remembers him is that he is engaged in many cultural arts activities. Participate in cultural arts. Participated in various arts activities of UNHAS students and Makassar Arts Council.

His interest in reading poetry is very prominent. Together with several friends they regularly invite artists, both local and national, to read poetry on the UNHAS campus.

Read the poem at the time, it seems that the way to channel students to various inequalities in the country.
“Atja” is one of the figures who often become a liaison with the leadership of the University.

With his distinctive voice and smile, and his outspoken style of speech, he tried persistently to convince people of his position.

Indeed, he is very firm in what he believes. Time and time again he can get angry from me, but he never changes, stays close.
Indeed, if there is a willingness, I do not immediately refuse, but only describes the risks if he makes a wrong decision.
Erroneous reading of this situation, at one time must be redeemed expensive, detained by the authorities. (Ahmad Amiruddin, Chancellor of Unhas 1974-1985)


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